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Mangalagiri Cotton Saree Yellow and Violet mc-5526

Mangalagiri Cotton Saree Yellow and Violet mc-5526

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Mangalagiri Cotton Saree Yellow and Violet mc-5526


Mangalagiri Cotton Saree Yellow and Violet mc-5526

Mangalagiri Cotton sarees and the fabrics which are produced by handlooms weaving in Mangalagiri.Mangalagiri is a town in Guntur District in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. Mangalgiri Cotton Sarees are a unique variety woven from pure  cotton with the most characteristic features such as Zari.

Mangalagiri cotton sarees are known for featuring micro checks or stripes on the field with a dense zari border giving the sari a beautiful drape.The Mangalagiri fabric is produced by weaving with the help of pit looms from combed yarn by warp and weft interlacing. The fabric then undergoes the process of dyeing. The Nizam design borders with golden thread and plain body are  the main characteristics of the fabric. Mangalagiri sarees are woven from pure cotton .They are very popular for their delicate and distinctive designs . The sari is woven super finely in vibrant colours giving a crisp finish.

In fact, the Mangalagiri handlooms, have several unique and striking features that make them stand out.

– Counts or thread density per square inch range from 40 (coarse) to 120 (superfine), sometimes more. The fine count weaves in fact have a diaphanous or gossamer appearance and considered as export quality.

– The use of zari was once limited to borders. Today silver and golden coloured zari is a major attraction covering borders, the pallu (end piece) and popular motifs like leaf, mango, parrot, and gold coin.

–  The experimentation with colours is phenomenal with basic designs given a new meaning with thrilling combinations of light pink with magenta border, maroon with mustard stripes, an olive green field with navy blue borders fuelling the imagination of the market.

– The Nizam border, unique to the Mangalagiri variety of handlooms, has tiny gopurams across the borders and showcases the religious fervor of the people in the backdrop of the three Narayan Swamy temples of the place.

– The sensational range in shot cottons sport the double shades or shimmering effect sarees due to different coloured threads used in the warp and weft during the weave. Pleasing kaleidoscopic effects like greenish yellow, sunset orange, deep yellow result in the creations.

– Ikat woven motifs and tie & dye colouring techniques are skillfully employed for sensational offerings in design and pattern in a panorama of fast organic and other colours.

–  The use of bootis ( small woven motifs), stripes, checks pattern in different counts is done with finesse and accentuates the appeal of these handloom cottons very much. In fact in many cases the use of the jacquard loom has been done brilliantly.

Body Color Yellow
Pallu Color Violet
Blouse Color Violet
Weight Approximately(approximately 500grams)
 Fabric Pure cotton
Dimensions Length =  6.2 mtrs  (Including blouse)

Mangalagiri Cotton sarees is handwoven pure natural Mangalagiri Cotton woven paired up with matching unstitched blouse in Mangalagiri Cotton Saree texture is soft,light in weight,easy to drop and flows very well.

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