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kuppadam Silk Saree With Ikkat Border Red and Green ks-3509

kuppadam Silk Saree With Ikkat Border Red and Green ks-3509

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kuppadam Silk Saree With Ikkat Border Red and Green ks-3509


kuppadam Silk Saree With Ikkat Border Red and Green ks-3509

Kuppadam silk/pattu saree originated from Andhra Pradesh in India. Andhra Pradesh is known to make intricate and distinctive Silk/Pattu saree and Kuppadam saree is one of them. Kuppadam silk/pattu sarees are mainly done by the Chirala community. This sarees has a special interlocked design of waving fabric which is called Kupadam.

Kuppadam silk/pattu sarees are a combination of 75% silk and 25% cotton. Kuppadam silk/pattu sarees normally have a sacred motif, temple motif, animal motif, etc on its border that’s why these sarees are especially worn during puja and religious occasions.

Kuppadam silk/pattu sarees are made up of a woof of fabric called Kuppadam silk/pattu this is the handloom saree made with a lot of hard work. It has a unique interlocking design. Soul of Kuppadam silk/pattu sarees is its border. This elegant saree with multicolor and broad box design will be perfect for pooja occasions.

Kuppadam Pattu/silk sarees are mainly silk texture saree with Kuppadam design. This can be worn in any pooja function and bright color will make you look unique among all. Kuppadam Pattu/silk sarees are timeless and favorite in south India. This saree has a unique broad border design with a checkered pattern at the end.

Kuppadam silk/pattu sarees are a luxury saree that gives a rich ethnic look. In the Kuppadam silk/pattu sarees, it has a very nice shine and polish which makes it look new every time you wear it. This saree can be worn at any time like in a day or in the night. Kuppadam silk/pattu sarees are very popular and are in high demand. Kuppadam silk/pattu saree has a special zari work on its border which makes it very attractive.

Body Color green
pallu Color Red
 Blouse Color Red
Weight Approximately(approximately 500grams)
 Fabric Pure mulberry pattu 75%silk and 25% cotton
 Dimensions Length =  6.2 mtrs  (Including blouse)

Kuppadam silk/Kuppadam Pattu sarees is hand woven pure natural Kuppadam Silk/Pattu woven paired up with matching unstitched blouse in Kuppadam Silk Saree/Kuppadam Pattu Saree texture is soft,light in weight,easy to drop and flows very well.

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