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Gadwal Silk/Pattu Saree Yellow and Black gs-4014

Gadwal Silk/Pattu Saree Yellow and Black gs-4014

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Gadwal Silk/Pattu Saree Yellow and Black gs-4014


Gadwal Silk/Pattu Saree Yellow and Black gs-4014

Gadwal saree is a handcrafted woven sari style in Gadwal of Jogulamba Gadwal district in the Indian state of Telangana. It was registered as one of the geographical indications from Telangana by Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999. They are most notable for the Zari on the saris. The sari consists of a cotton body with silk pallu which is also given a new name as Sico sarees.

They are woven in Andhra Pradesh and have their motif influence from South Indian architectural designs to traditional motifs like lotus and flowers. Cotton use of yarn in the body of saree and zari in the border is what a gadwal saree is, and the use of silk all over is known as Gadwal silk saree or gadwal pattu sarees, there use pure silk yarn to weave total sarees.

The weave is so light that the saree can be packed in a matchbox. The Brahmostsavas of Tirupati begins with the Gods idol being adorned with Gadwal Saree. The Sari are known for its exquisite and unique motifs of borders on weft of saree. The Gadwal sarees are a blend or combination of cotton weave fabric in body and the borders are in contrast with gold zari weave designs over it instead of a plain panel of zari.


The Gadwal silk sarees are simply the same in silk with a plain or butti body but with a design weave motif look on the edge border of saree in golden. These motifs of borders can be in anything from floral leaves or architectural inspiration of motifs.

The gadwal sarees are lustrous and have their own beauty and identity for the different weave designs on the side borders. The width of the borders can be of different sizes as per design concepts. The saree base or body can also have butti weaves or different jaal designs like a Banglori silk saree or Paithani but the identity is from the border designs.

The designs of the borders are from stripes, temples and coin motifs, florals, and leaf jaal motifs too. The contrasts of the saree borders are the most attractive and make these sarees subtle as well as convenient for all types of occasions.

Most combinations of Gadwal silk sarees are in perfect contrasts like blue and orange, red and green, or complementary hues like pink and yellow or orange and green. The pallu may also have pretty flowering motifs in zari and silk yarn. The base of saree is plain with a weave in stripes of checkered look with the blend of cotton or just silk. Each pattern concept gives a different look to the saree. Woven buttis in shrubs or flower motifs all over or just a drape panel divided with huge flower wales and leaves.

Go for the colorful checks in cotton as body and paisley motif’s zari borders, or the plain cotton body with stripes and coin motifs on borders. In gadwal silk saree go for pain silk body with zari and temple border design or the floral wale gold weave design on the border.

Body Color Yellow
Pallu Color Black
Blouse Color Black
Weight Approximately(approximately 500grams)
Fabric Pure mulberry pattu silk
Dimensions Length =  6.2 mtrs  (Including blouse)

Gadwal Silk sarees is hand woven pure natural Gadwal Silk Saree woven paired up with matching unstitched blouse in Gadwal Silk Saree texture is soft, light in weight, easy to drop and flows very well.

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