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Pochampally Sarees come in to the picture in recent years these are weaving by using weft ikkat pure silk thread and wrap is also with ikkat pure silk thread these Pochampally Ikkat Sarees are preferring by people who love wibarent colors and designs in the handwoven pure silk sarees.

Ikkat weavers rise their stand of weaving by adding kanchi border to pure ikkat silk saris those are usually high in price like kanchi silk sarees even-though people love to buy them.

Double Ikat is a technique in which both warp and the weft are resist-dyed prior to weaving. Obviously, it is the most difficult to make and the most expensive. Double ikat is only produced in three countries: India, Japan and Indonesia.

The double ikat made in Patan, Gujarat in India is the most complicated. Called “patola,” it is made using fine silk yarns and many colours. It may be patterned with a small motif that is repeated many times across the length of a six-meter sari.

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