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Mangalagiri silk sarees/Mangalagiri pattu sarees and the fabrics which are produced by handlooms weaving in Mangalagiri.Mangalagiri is a town in Guntur District in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. Mangalgiri silk Sarees/Mangalagiri Pattu Sarees are a unique variety woven from cotton and Pure silk combinations with the most characteristic features such as Zari.

Mangalagiri Silk/Pattu sarees are also produced in silk and are used for special occasions such as weddings and religious festivals, among others. Also known as Mangalagiri Silk/pattu sarees, the weave of the silk is just as rich and fine as the cotton variety. It is generally found in luscious color such as green, mustard, red and pink.

These colors are not only heavily sought out because of their splendor but also because of the fact that these hues are considered auspicious amongst the traditional Andhra community. Mangalagiri silk/Pattu sarees feature a thick border that is usually woven in fine zari, making it the preferred wedding-wear saree.

The pallu of the saree shines with fine zari in traditional motifs such as paisleys, flowers and vines. Those women who prefer the cotton sareeā€™s traditional style worked into silk often opt for striped pallus in different colored silk threads with a heavy zari border. Also like the cotton variant, the body of the silk saree is now featuring motifs and patterns in order to appeal to younger women as well.

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